Agritech; Innovation Technology

Water, food, trees, animals, plants, and Agriculture plays a crucial role in various aspects of human society, economy, and the environment. As of September 2021, the global population was around 7.9 billion. The United Nations projected that the world’s population could reach 9.7 billion by 2050. 2050 is less than 30 years away. Does this […]

Rethinking Investment: Powering Change for Our Planet

At Nubia Capital, we believe in the power of conscious decision-making to shape a better future for our planet.Climate change is no longer a distant concern; it’s a pressing reality that demands action.  As a venture capital firm, we recognize our responsibility in driving positive change through the startups we invest in. That’s why we are […]

Driving Africa’s Digital Economy: The Transformative Power of AfCFTA Collaboration

Introduction  Classical trade theory reminds us that countries can reap welfare gains by specialising in producing those goods with the lowest opportunity cost and trading the surplus of production over domestic demand. This is the theory of comparative advantage, which emphasises the relationship between trade and development and how it isn’t easy to understand the […]

Revealed: 88% of Nigeria’s start-ups’re in Lagos

Lagos State has firmly placed itself on the global map after it braced all odds to emerge regional leader in the Africa start-up ecosystem, leaving cities like Nairobi, Kenya; Johannesburg, South Africa; Dakar, Senegal and Accra, Ghana trailing in influence and in start-up funding. This is also as 35 states of Nigeria and the Federal […]

The Economy of Deep Tech Startups

Introduction Deep tech means high innovation technology, an innovation/discovery in science and technology, and advancement in engineering. Shallow tech is the opposite of that.   Artificial intelligence. Blockchain. Quantum computing. Virtual reality. Augmented reality.  These are examples of deep tech and the startups that leverage these to solve problems are referred to as deep tech startups. […]

Startup Disruption in Traditional Industries.

Introduction Innovation has often been defined as the concept of new. A new idea, a new method, a new process. Disruptive innovation is then a new idea, process and method that shakes up an industry in a way that makes it simpler and more accessible – to use for instance what Netflix did with Blockbuster. […]

M&A set to become the norm in the African startup ecosystem

Over the past seven years, Africa’s startup landscape has witnessed the acquisition of more than 100 startups, with South Africa, Egypt, and Nigeria at the forefront of this activity. The fintech industry, in particular, has been buzzing, ignited by the 2020 acquisition of Paystack by Stripe. Further, multiple other sectors have experienced a flurry of […]


The future of tech in Africa relies heavily on the venture capital (VC) ecosystem. This means as more people take on projects to solve problems with technology in Africa, the bulk of bringing those ideas to fruition rests on financiers such as VCsEver since the emergence of the contemporary limited partnership venture capital fund in […]

Is Fintech The Key To Economic Debt Recovery in Africa?

Introduction  The IMF posits that it has given out several loans to poor countries to help them recover their economy. However, critics say that approach does more harm than good while commenting that loans deficit the economy and do not improve it. They posit that what should rather be given is aid as such lending […]

What Does Africa Need for Her Digital Economy?

Introduction  The economic prosperity that lies untapped in Africa can only be harnessed through the adoption of the digital economy. There are two things involved. There is an increasingly digitised global economy where it is predicted by the World Economic Forum that 70% of the new value created over the coming decade will be based […]