Can everyone be entrepreneurs? Should everyone be entrepreneurs? Can everyone be entrepreneurs in Africa? Why do we need more entrepreneurs in Africa?

By 2050, 25% of the world’s population growth will be in Africa. 

At present, six out of the world’s top ten rapidly expanding economies are situated within the continent of Africa.  This scale and speed of advancement are unparalleled, presenting both distinctive prospects and difficulties for Africa. As resources are further stretched due to this growth, an abundant reserve of potentially enterprising youth will also emerge, ready to contribute solutions to the challenges that confront the continent.

In the last few years, the continent has innovated to survive and solve the basic challenges that they face in their immediate environment. For instance, startups like MPESA and ANDELA  have provided innovative solutions that have propelled the continent to the forefront of the digital economy in Africa. 

But what does this mean for Africa and Africans? 

  1. What does Africa need?

Africa needs more entrepreneurs that think outside the box. Africans are actively shaping their destinies and, using social innovation and entrepreneurship, they are crafting local remedies for the sustainable development challenges they encounter.

According to Frank Aswani, to extricate ourselves from this predicament, Africa must foster more individuals who create jobs rather than merely seek them, although entrepreneurship should not be left to chance. We must transform it into a deliberate choice rather than just a career decision. We should establish a conducive environment and nurture Africans with the appropriate mindset. Each young African, whether in high school, university, or beyond, should be introduced to entrepreneurship, be it through the formal education system or extracurricular pursuits. We require young individuals with entrepreneurial, problem-solving, and enduring mindsets. 

2. Why does Africa need entrepreneurs?

The power of the emerging market in Africa. 

As Africa’s economies progress, opportunities are opening in sectors such as retailing, telecommunications, banking, infrastructure-related industries, resource-related businesses, and the agricultural value chain. Consider that telecom companies in Africa have added 316 million subscribers—more than the entire U.S. population—since 2000. According to UN data, Africa offers a higher return on investment than any other emerging market.  Despite the potential setbacks posed by political turmoil, conflicts, natural calamities, and inadequate policies, Africa’s future remains promising for businesses targeting consumers. 

The growing economy and middle class in many African countries have increased the demand for goods and services, creating opportunities for B2B tech solutions. As African businesses recognize technology as a key driver of growth and competitiveness, there is a growing willingness to invest in digital solutions that can help streamline their operations and reach new customers.

Additionally, international companies are showing a growing interest in doing business in Africa, turning to African tech startups and B2B companies for innovative solutions that can help them navigate the unique challenges of doing business on the continent.

The combination of these factors is driving demand for B2B tech solutions in Africa, which has the potential to continue driving economic growth and transforming the lives of people across the continent.

Africa has a wealth of resources needed to emerge as a continent. This large-scale thinking can be applied to remove the obstacles currently hindering individual African countries, by expanding the size of the market, offering new economic opportunities and increasing the capacity for integration into international trade and finance markets. In the long term, Africa will be able to reap the rewards of its growing population, increasing domestic consumption, and eventually, synergies in its production.

3. Who are these entrepreneurs?

The younger people. 

Africa’s young population holds the key to unlocking a new era of entrepreneurship and innovation across the continent. This burgeoning demographic, characterised by its innovation, adaptability, and enthusiasm, is driving the momentum behind Africa’s entrepreneurial renaissance. 

One of the most compelling aspects of Africa’s youth is their innate capacity for innovation and adaptability. Raised in a digital age, they possess a remarkable comfort with technology, allowing them to harness its power for innovative solutions to age-old challenges. This tech-savviness is particularly relevant as digital platforms increasingly shape global markets. The young generation’s openness to new ideas and willingness to experiment with untested concepts position them as natural disruptors in industries ripe for transformation.

Intrinsic to the youth is a powerful wellspring of creativity that fuels their entrepreneurial endeavours. Youthfulness is closely associated with unbridled creativity and the ability to think beyond conventional boundaries. As a result, young African entrepreneurs are uniquely equipped to craft distinctive products and services that resonate with modern consumers. This creative impulse invigorates established industries and propels the emergence of novel business models, making them essential agents of change.


According to Jack Ma, the continent’s most important resource is its young people. Still, waiting for African governments to create the perfect business environment would be a waste of time. Startups just need an open environment and trust to create jobs.

In conclusion, the future of entrepreneurship in Africa rests on the dynamic shoulders of its youthful population. Their innovation, adaptability, creativity, global perspective, and empowerment potential collectively form the driving force behind the continent’s economic transformation. As Africa invests in nurturing and supporting its young entrepreneurs, a new era of innovation, job creation, and sustainable growth emerges on the horizon. By harnessing the untapped potential of its youth, Africa is poised to carve out a prominent place in the global entrepreneurial landscape, shaping its destiny with ingenuity and determination.

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