We are pleased to announce that our Managing Partner, Davidson Oturu, was appointed as one of the private sector representatives to Nigeria’s National Council for Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which has the responsibility for implementing The Nigeria Startup Act.

The role of the Council includes:

– formulating a regulatory framework to encourage the development of startups in Nigeria;
– reviewing policies and directives of the government which may affect the operation, establishment and investments in startups; and
– developing and implementing guidelines for setting up digital technology innovation hubs, digital technology parks and community enterprise hubs in Nigeria.

The Council would also provide the framework and support for the Startup Seed Investment Fund, which could be a game changer in the funding of early stage startups in Nigeria.

This is a consequential time for the Nigerian startup ecosystem as the Government has in recent times created policies for the advancement of entrepreneurship and innovation in Nigeria. We trust that this will further solidify the foundations for a viable ecosystem that will be beneficial for startups and investors.

We wish Davidson the best in this new assignment!


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